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3 Part Roadmap to Find Your Who

The key to getting your new brand noticed is to first find your unique voice and then define who your ideal customer is. These 3 worksheets will take you step by step and get you laser focused and ready to connect with your audience.

Who is Your Who?

Define Who Your Ideal Customer Is

Before hitting social media and building an email list, you need to know who you are talking to. The key is to first know who you are and be comfortable with your unique story.

What you will gain from this 3 part Roadmap

  • Your superpower: you'll uncover your unique gift and clearly see how you can be a hero to the right people.

  • EmpowermentYou´ll learn to identify what empowerment feels like for you, where it comes from, and how to tap into that to give true value to your customers.  

  • Connection: a key to creating a long-term business is creating authentic connection with your ideal customers.

  • Authenticity: Discover your unique voice and use that as a base for giving value and creating connection and growing your brand. 

  • A clear view of your ideal customer: Dive into your marketing knowing exactly who it is you are talking to and attract a loyal and engaged customer base. 

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