“How To Get Your First 1k Subscribers Fast And Turn Them Into Buyers Even Faster” 

(The simple way to build a 1000 strong list in 30 days or less!)


Hi, I’m Mary
And today we’re going to talk about building a list.
Because chances are you don’t have one yet…
Or you have a tiny one that ignores you…
Or even a bigger list that barely knows you exist.
You might even be staring at this page wondering what I mean by ‘a list.’


You are not alone!

Most People Don't Know How to Build the Only List You Want

  • A responsive list.

  • A list of buyers.

  • A list of people who hang on your every word and love every offer you put in front of them.

But I do.
And I’m here to help you do exactly that so you too can have your very own ATM aka that responsive list…
Without doing all that stuff that other marketers tell you to do.
Stuff like ‘just build a landing page, offer them a freebie and they will come…’ (they won’t and if they do, they won’t stay)
Or suggesting you spend hours, days and weeks blogging, posting on social media and putting out amazing content here, there and everywhere…
Only to get very little – if any – reward for your efforts…
When there are faster, better and far easier ways to build that rabid list of buyers you want.
OK, maybe not rabid...
But certainly super engaged right from the start.


I Knew There Had to Be

a Better Way!

Subscribers so engaged that they’re eager to snap up that thing that turns them instantly from a mere freebie-seeker to a buyer…
And no, I’m not suggesting you need to create a product or launch a course either.
These are methods I stumbled across through trial and a lot of error.
Methods that stopped me from staring exhausted at my screen every day wondering why no-one wanted my 30-page freebie report or shiny video course giveaway or, even if they did, why they ignored me from then on.
I knew there had to be an easier way.
One that worked.


60 Page PDF

In this 5 modules pdf, I've mapped out tested and proven ways to quickly add quality subscribers to your list.


I'll walk you through the process to define exactly who your ideal customer is. 


This guide only works if you take action. So I'm giving you a step-by-step checklist. 

The Subscribers came pouring in!

You see, once I turned things on their head and followed my gut instinct, those subscribers came pouring in and so did the money.
Because I took things from a whole new perspective.
One that focused on the only people who mattered and gave them exactly what they both wanted and needed.
Things started to fall into place almost magically.
Each time I tried a new strategy that followed this focus, it worked.
Today I have not one list but several…
Made up of people who love to read my emails and to snap up my offers.
What’s more, I love them back.
Not because of what they do but because of who they are…real people, just like you and me.

    The Big Mistake Most People Make

    That’s the big mistake most people make – thinking of it as ‘a list’ at all.
    Yes, I know that sounds counterintuitive.
    Maye even crazy.
    But it’s all about your approach and I’m going to teach you the exact steps to take to effortlessly pull in your own people too.
    These are not airy-fairy steps based on theory.
    Oh no. 
    These are practical steps based on my real, proven experience that work not just right now but will carry on working because they are evergreen.
    And super powerful.
    Did I mention fast?
    They are that too because I know you need to see results quickly.
    You have bills to pay. People to feed. Your own life to live.
    Even dogs to walk!

      You Can Do This in 6 Minutes

      a Day

      You can do all of that in just a few minutes a day once you have the kind of list I am teaching you to build here…
      Although it’s not so much you doing any building as those people flocking to build it for you.
      Then you, too, will know what it’s like to take 10 or so minutes to send out an email to your adoring fans knowing that they will respond by sending cash your way.
      Seriously, it’s that simple.
      It means you can get on with everything else you want to do with your life rather than slaving in front of a hot laptop or staring at a flickering screen.
      And you can do that knowing you are serving those people you have drawn to you.
      The people who were so eager to leap on your list they didn’t even hesitate before giving you their best email.
      That’s right – the one they reserve for friends and family.
      Because that’s how they view you too.
      As a trusted friend.
      Thanks to the way I teach you to set this up…
      The perfect Way To 1k (and beyond).
      Trust me, you will get that right because you are benefiting from my experience.
      You’ll learn how to do this in your five module, comprehensive course delivered in an easy to follow PDF format.
      This is no fluff, no filler – just pure actionable stuff you can start putting into practice today in just a few hours and see results for months and years to come.


      Here's Just Some of What You Get

      How to borrow authority to build your own...and your list 
      The best way to achieve instant recognition along with tons of subscribers 
      How to get them loving you so they scramble to be on your list 
      Why getting your group groove on is vital to getting those engaged subscribers who turn into buyers 
      The simple cheats I use to 3 or 4 x everything I do with no extra effort 
      Simple things you can say and do to become irresistible to your potential subscribers...so they can't wait to sign up! 
      The one thing you need to do on your site to make sure those streams of subscribers never stop coming... 
      And the methods that work without needing to have a site at all! 
      Plus something so simple you can leave it to siphon in subscribers while you sleep... 
      And that will take you all of 4 minutes to create for free! 
      Along with the secrets to my listbuilding success that have worked for years and will carry on working 
      The one supposedly social platform I use to generate huge lists along with masses of traffic 
      How to set this all up in a few hours so you can get those 1000 subscribers (or more) within 30 days (or less) easily and in just a few minutes a day


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